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About the College of Education

The College of Education at Florida International University is one in which candidates, faculty, and staff embrace the shared experiences of a diverse, international, professional-learning community.

The College, therefore, strives to facilitate diverse learning environments where knowledge becomes the means to foster goal attainment for all those involved in the learning process. This process necessitates the highest ethical standards, while emphasizing inquiry as the means-ends connection to enhancing reflective intelligence in a changing social, political, cultural and technological world. (read more)

To support its mission, the College is organized into two separate departments:

College Administration

  • Delia C. Garcia Ed.D., Dean, Office of the Dean, ZEB 320, (305) 348-3202,

  • Deborah J. Hasson Ed.D., Associate Dean of Strategic Operations & Community Engagement, ZEB 340, (305) 348-0491,

  • Kyle Perkins Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academics Affairs and Accreditation, ZEB 213A, (305) 348-2647

  • Thomas G. Reio Jr., Ph.D., CPH, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor, Department of Leadership and Professional Studies , ZEB 310A, (305) 348-2093,

  • Lynn D. Miller Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Teaching and Learning, ZEB 215A, (305) 348-0559,

  • Laura H. Dinehart Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Leadership and Professional Studies, ZEB 313A, (305) 348-3790,

  • Kaitlyn Pereyra, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management and Special Projects, ZEB 322, (305) 348-3609,

  • Ricardo Del Valle, Interim Director of Budget, ZEB 326, (305) 348-6550,

  • Pierre-Yves Schoepp, Director of Information Technology, ZEB 268, (305) 348-6311,

  • Alejandra Garcia, Coordinator Administrative Services, ZEB 320, (305) 348-1726,

  • Maria D. Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant, ZEB 320, (305) 348-3202,