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  • 1. - Who can assist me on developing my course syllabus?

    Check with your specific program leader. He/she should be able to direct you to a faculty who may have taught the class already. To see the names of the program leaders, visit the Academic Programs page of the SEHD website.

  • 2. - Who do I contact for issues related with my contracts?

    The respective departments' office manager present the contracts' request to the SEHD HR Liaison person. Make sure you follow up with your respective department office manager:

    Teaching and Learning, Jenny Diaz
    Leadership and Professional Studies, Aleida Alfonso

  • 3. - Who do I contact if I would like to teach in the SEHD as an adjunct Faculty?

    Please contact the respective program leader for the program/field you would like to teach. You can also contact the chair of the department, and the chair will direct you to the respective program leader.

  • 4. - How do I submit the books orders to be used in my course(s)?

    You can find the information on how to submit your books order at the FIU faculty Enlight at the Bookstore page.

  • 5. - Who do I contact to use blackboard as a hybrid component to my face to face class?

    Process: Step 1: Complete and submit course request shell:

    Once in the request page, select from Instructional Support Section, item # 4 (Request a Blackboard course), and follow submission process

    Step 2: Faculty (may) attend(s) Training Workshop(s) to learn how to develop their course. Training workshops are available at:

  • 6. - What do I do if I need material to be copied for my courses?

    Email materials to the respective office manager or senior secretary:

  • 7. - Who do I contact if I need assistance with TaskStream?

    Please contact Jeanette Martin via email or phone at (305) 348-3655

SEHD Departments' Chairs:

Teaching and Learning, Dr. Lynne Miller
Leadership and Professional Studies, Dr. Laura Dinehart

Please contact us if you have any recommendations on how to improve the SEHD Adjuncts page.

SEHD 2015-2016 Adjunct Committee Members:

Dr. Flavia Iuspa, Chair
Dr. Daniela Foerch
Mildred Suarez
Dr. Sharon Lopez
Dr. Benjamin Baez

Every Spring the SEHD Adjunct Committee will open the Adjunct Faculty Survey. Please look after the email and take the time to give us your feedback.