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Non Degree Seeking Students

Why Non-Degree? 

Students may begin study as a Non-Degree Seeking Student for a wide variety of reasons. Non-Degree Status is considered an attractive option if a student: 

  • Already has a bachelor's degree, but would like to take the necessary courses for teacher's certification; Click here for Teacher Certification Requirements for Non Education Majors.
  • Would like to take a few courses before committing to a full degree program;
  • Is unable to complete a degree seeking application in time for the semester in which they would like to begin their studies;
  • Is a visiting student from another institution.

Students may register through the Registrar's Office as a Non-Degree Seeking Student in undergraduate or graduate courses. Please note that not all courses are open to Non-Degree Seeking Students, and priority for registration is given to Degree Seeking Students. Non-Degree Seeking Students may transfer a specific number of courses once admitted as a Degree Seeking Students. Registration for certain courses may require the signature of the department.
For more information on the requirements for Non-Degree Seeking Status, please visit

How to Register 

  • Go to the following web address:
  • Click on "Non-degree Student Form."
  • Complete form and follow instructions for submitting proof of residency.

How to Select a Course 

  • Go to the following web address:
  • Click on "Class Schedule"
  • Choose the Term
  • Choose the Campus (For example Modesto A. Maidique Campus)
  • Type prefix in Subject box (For example, EDF 1005, type EDF.)
  • Click on "Search" button. 
  • A list of courses should appear.