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The Andrea Castillo Scholarship

State Farm Insurance supports Mathematics and Science Certificate Program

Third Annual COE Golf Scramble, 2012

Teaching Lab named to honor Felicitas B. Sanchez




Scholarship Recipients

2012-13 Scholarship Recipients Announced!


Ziff Family Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Ziff have graciously pledged their support for an endowment that truly reflects their commitment to the future of education.  Their generosity has been acknowledged by the College in the naming of its building, and the couple remains among the College’s dearest friends.  They provide annual scholarships to Ziff scholars who are academic leaders in their undergraduate career.

Recipients: David, Stephanie. Guanch, Melissa. Soto, Natalie.

Christine and Robert Grosse Memorial Scholarship

A yearly scholarship in honor of Alan’s parents Christine and Robert Grosse. Christine is an educator.

Recipient: Lovett, Erica.

Esther Winick Memorial, Itard Foundation Scholarship Endowment

The Esther Winick Memorial Scholarship was established in 1991 through the generous support of the Itard Foundation and family and friends to provide funding for student scholarships for candidates who are currently employed teachers in Miami-Dade or Broward County who are enrolled in courses in the College of Education for the purpose of obtaining certification in any specialty in the field of Special Education. 

Recipient: Johnson, Heather.

MacDonnell Family Scholarship Endowment

Karis MacDonnell, an FIU alumna and former adjunct faculty member of the College of Education, created this scholarship with her late husband, William, to honor the memory of his mother.  The MacDonnell Family scholarships reflect the family’s high regard for the noble profession of teaching.   Recipients are considered MacDonnell Scholars.

Recipient: David, Stephanie.

BellSouth Scholarship Endowment (now AT&T)

This endowment was established by BellSouth Corp (now AT&T) to provide scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate a commitment to learning technology and are pursuing a degree in the College of Education.

Recipients: Cash, Tina. Hafemeister, Bryn. Hansen, Brigitta. Lovett, Erica.

Mark Blum Memorial Scholarship

This endowment was established by Sally F. Samuels in memory of her nephew, Mark Blum, an FIU alumnus and Miami-Dade County Public School teacher.  Through her gift, Ms. Samuels honors Mark’s commitment to students and his many years of service to the teaching profession.  Ms. Samuels passed away in 2006. 

Recipients: Abreu, Roberto. Collins, Joshua. Gonzalez, Kristy. Lovett, Erica. Preston, Courtney.

Jane O. McQuire Scholarship Endowment

Ms. Carrie Otto created this scholarship in honor of her mother, Jane O’ McQuire, a Miami-Dade County Public School teacher for over 17 years.  Jane’s lifelong dedication to enhancing opportunities for underprivileged areas inspired the “magnet” gifted program at Naranja Elementary School in Homestead.  The scholarship is for students with an interest in special education and/or gifted students.

Recipients: Diaz, Jannifer. Francica, Solange. Griffin, Tiffany.

Robert R. Bellamy Scholarship Endowment

In honor of his grandfather, Robert R. Bellamy II created the Robert R. Bellamy Memorial Scholarship. The establishment of this endowed scholarship addresses the need of teacher preparation in areas of critical shortage.  Robert R. Bellamy II passed away in 2006.  Mr. Bellamy and his grandfather’s legacy will live on through this endowed scholarship. 

Recipients: Abreu, Roberto. Carbot, Charmelle. Cooper, Teo. Fineus, Esther. Gonzalez, Kristy. Guanch, Melissa. Guzman Jr., William. Hansen, Brigitta. Leavitt, Julie. Pombo, Jose. Robinson, Michael. Samuels, Nathan. Svelti, Yariel.

Osuri Family Scholarship Endowment

This endowment was established by Dr. Mandayam O. Thirunarayanan, a current member of the FIU College of Education faculty, to fund scholarships in support of students pursuing studies in educational technology/learning technologies in the College of Education.  He is a giving faculty member with a strong philanthropic ideology.

Recipient: Carbot, Charmelle.

Mayor Alex G. Fekete Scholarship Endowment

Former Pembroke Pines Mayor Alex G. Fekete, in his commitment to education and our youth, founded this scholarship to support educators and education’s future.  Through the Mayor Alex G. Fekete Annual Golf Tournament, named “A Tradition for the Millennium,” with the gracious support of corporate sponsors, participants and volunteers, the event proceeds were contributed to establish and grow a scholarship endowment in support of students and teachers of Pembroke Pines. 

Recipients: Joseph, Onel. Lovett, Erica.

Lennar Corporation Scholarship Endowment

Lennar Corporation has long been committed to supporting our community and is a company that proudly gives back.  The creation of the Lennar Scholars Endowment will help highly talented and accomplished future educators to achieve their dreams of teaching our children.  Lennar’s generosity reflects high regard for education and dedication to ensuring a well-prepared workforce for the community through our College of Education students. 

Recipients: Collins, Joshua . Lovett, Erica.

Frost Professors

The Frost Professorship in Education was established in 1991 by an endowed gift from Patricia and Phillip Frost for the purpose of honoring faculty in the College who distinguish themselves and inspire excellence. 

2000-2001                                            Daniel L. Dustin
2001-2002                                            Miguel Angel Escotet
2002-2003                                            Lizabeth Dixon-Krauss
2003-2004                                            Abbas Tashakkori
2004-2005                                            Wendy Cheyney
2005-2006                                            David Chang
2006-2007                                            Martha Pelaez
2007-2008                                            Patty Barbetta
2008-2009                                            Erskine Dottin