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Prospective Students

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Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in Jamaica Program

Florida International University (FIU), through the Department of Teaching and Learning and the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, offers a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction program in Jamaica.

The MSCI program in Jamaica is conducted at University College of the Caribbean (UCC) facilities in Kingston, located at 17 Worthington Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica.

The MSCI program in Jamaica currently consists of one program cohort. The duration of the MSCI program is 15 months. Tenured FIU education faculty and adjunct faculty teach in the program.

UCC provides appropriate classroom facilities for the Program. FIU, through the Department of Teaching and Learning and the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, provides support services for the MSCI program. Course evaluations are conducted to monitor the quality of the program.


The MSCI program is rewarding not just in terms of what you learn in the classroom, but also in terms of what you learn from the lifelong relationships you develop with your classmates, faculty, and mentors.

The MSCI program is a 15-month, lock-step program designed for educators and professionals in other settings. It allows you to earn your Masters degree without interrupting your careers.

Program Features

  • Convenient classes offered in Jamaica at the UCC main campus
  • Internationally experienced faculty who are experts in their field
  • Cost effective program for quality education
  • Principles and standards from National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
  • Full accreditation by the Southern Association for Schools and Colleges (SACS), the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE).

Program Benefits

  1. Earn a Master of Science DEGREE from Florida International University (FIU)
  2. Become an INSTRUCTIONAL leader.
  3. Create an OPPORTUNITY for promotion and career advancement.
  4. Expand your WORLDVIEW by visiting schools in a field trip to Miami!

EDE 5267 Education of the child in Urban Society (3). For students desiring advanced study in the schooling of inner-city pupils in K-6.

EDE 6205 Curriculum Design for childhood Education (3). Required in masters programs in elementary education. A study of curriculum theory, research, construction and evaluation related to elementary schools.

EDF 5481 Foundations of Educational Research (3). Competences required for critical understanding, evaluation, and use of published educational research: Understanding quantitative and qualitative methods; sampling; measurement; data collection and analysis; and inference process.

EDF 6487 Field Research for Educators (3). The first part of a two semester sequence providing the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting research in schools and classrooms by teachers and administrators; using the results of this research to inform practice.

EDG 6250 Curriculum Development (3).  Development of basic technical constructs of curriculum. Planning of reality-based educational programs at all levels of schooling.

EDG 6627 Seminar: Issues and Trends in Curriculum and Instruction (3). A review of current issues and trends in Curriculum and Instruction.

EDG 5417 Learning Styles Applications (3).  Designed to help educators use learning styles information to change instruction and improve student achievement.

EDG 6286 Curriculum Evaluation and Improvement in Urban schools systems. (3). Development of skills in curriculum evaluations and strategies for improvement of on-going curriculum.

EDG 6920 Colloquium in Curriculum and Instruction (1-6).  Selected readings, presentations and discussions on topics related to curriculum and instruction. Colloquia considers specific topics related to issues, trends and applications in the broad field of education.

EDG 7692C Politics of Curriculum (3). Advance study of theories, research, and processes of curriculum decision-making.

ESE 6215 Secondary School Curriculum (3). Examination of programs, trends and developments in curriculum and instruction in the secondary school. Consideration and evaluation of innovations. (AR)

SSE 5381 Developing a Global Perspective (3). Theory, content, and practice. Introduction and utilization of learning materials and teaching strategies in Global Education for K-12.


The masters in Curriculum and Instruction requires 36 semester hours beyond the bachelors degree. The program has five required components:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction Core (9 semester hours)
  2. Curriculum and Instruction Elective (3 semester hours)
  3. Research Core  (6 semester hours)
  4. Content Specializations(18 semester hours)
  5. Professional Conference (Exhibition)
I. Curriculum and Instruction Core     (9 semester hours)

EDG 6250 Curriculum Development


EDG 6627   Seminar: Trends and Issues in Curriculum and Instruction


Special Methods of Teaching

EDF 5267       Education of the Child in Urban Society


II. Curriculum and Instruction Elective     (3 semester hours)

SSE 5381        Developing a Global Perspective


III. Research Core      (6 semester hours)

EDF 5481       Foundations of Educational Research


EDF 6487       Field Research for Educators


IV. Content Specialization     (18 semester hours)

Curriculum Development

EDG 5417 Learning Styles Applications


EDE 6205 Curriculum Design in Childhood Education


ESE 6215 Secondary School Curriculum


EDG 6286 Curriculum Evaluation


EDG 6920 Colloquium in Curriculum and Instruction


EDG 7692 Politics of Curriculum


V. Professional Conference (Exhibition)


Outcome 1: As Stewards of the Discipline, curriculum and instruction candidates know curriculum and instruction professional content and pedagogical content as demonstrated in a curriculum plan.

Outcome 2: As reflective inquirers, curriculum and instruction candidates will think critically about educational issues through a form of inquiry whereby they investigate educational dilemmas and problems and seek resolutions that benefit students.

Outcome 3: As Mindful Educators, curriculum and instruction candidates demonstrate an understanding of their role as change agents through a critique of major curricular and instructional issues in the Jamaican educational system and identify ways to address them

Program Outcomes

Outcome 1: Excellent teaching.

Outcome 2: Quality advising and support services will be provided.

Outcome 3: The program prepares graduates for leadership positions in education.

Outcome 4: Students will successfully complete the program



Thirty-six credit hours of coursework
One course per 4 weeks
Classes held on Saturdays and Sundays
Length of program 15 months


Tuition for the MSCI program is US $13,600. Tuition includes:

  • Field trip to Miami, one week in length, transportation and hotel
  • Tutorials
  • Full internet access for the duration of the program
  • Access to the university’s on-line library

All fees are subject to change

For more information

For more information, or to apply, you may contact:

Dr. Flavia Iuspa
Phone: 305-348-3392

From UCC, you may contact:
Ms. Jonelle Downer
Phone: 876-665-4004
Fax: 876-968-1926
Or visit the UCC website.



The masters in Curriculum and Instruction program is designed for people with experience in schools or other educational settings who are interested in furthering their ability to work at the intersection of theory and practice around issues of teaching, learning, curriculum, and school reform.  The program is geared toward applicants who are interested in: (1) meeting district criteria for advanced degrees; (2) career advancement; (3) preparation for community college teaching; and (4) preparation for graduate study at the highest levels (Ed.S. and Ed.D./Ph.D.).

The masters in Curriculum and Instruction program is a vehicle for preparing master teachers who are knowledgeable, skilled, and flexible professionals who make a difference in their students' learning, who are responsive to community and family issues, and who are committed to continuous professional development.

Admission requirements

Applicants for admission into the MS program in Curriculum and Instruction must meet the minimum University Graduate School admission criteria. Admission to the masters program will be based on the following criteria:


Hold or qualify for teacher certification in an appropriate area.
For the Elementary Education specialization, applicants must hold or qualify for Florida certification or equivalent in elementary education, early childhood education, or special education (including practical teaching experience).

2. A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area from an accredited institution.
3. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 semester hours of upper division undergraduate study 
4. Two (2) letters of recommendation to support the application.  
5. A statement of personal philosophy/professional goals consistent with the objectives of the masters program.  
6. An updated resume describing at least the past five years of employment history and significant community, professional, or college extracurricular activities.
7. In the case of international students, a TOEFL score of at least 550 is required.  (Exceptions: Students who completed an undergraduate or graduate program from a U.S. institution or accredited higher education institutions in other English-Speaking countries)

Application Procedure

  • Submit your graduate Application online with $30 application fee.
  • Official transcripts from every college and university attended should be sent directly from each college or university in a university-sealed, stamped envelope to UCC.
  • Submit proof of degree and teacher certification
  • Submit an updated resume, statement of professional goals, and letters of recommendation

Apply Now

Please remember to select the program code "CURINS:MS" from the pull-down menu listing all FIU graduate programs in the online admission form. Selecting an erroneous program code may jeopardize timely admission.

Send all supporting documents to:
Ms. Jonelle Downer
Programme Co-ordinator,
University College of the Caribbean
17 Washington Avenue
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Phone: 876-665-4004
Fax: 876-968-1926