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Candidacy Examinations

Each College of Education (COE) Doctoral Program incorporates a form of candidacy examination to mark the semester of the completion of coursework and a readiness to begin the dissertation proposal. Successful completion indicates that, in the judgment of the faculty, the doctoral student can think analytically and creatively, has an advanced knowledge of the field and the specialty, knows how to use academic resources, and is deemed capable or “qualified” to conduct a dissertation. As such, a student who passes his/her doctoral candidacy examination is designated as doctoral candidate with the opportunity to begin doctoral dissertation research.

The COE Candidacy Examinations are scheduled three times annually (once, Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters) The candidacy exam is part of the COE Doctoral Program evaluation system. As such, the entiere exam must be uploaded into Taskstream and evaluated using the 3-point scoring rubric (see Quick Links below). The Doctoral students will need to have a Taskstream account to upload. The link to set up the account can be found on the left side of this page.

The COE offers three options for doctoral qualifying examinations. Options vary within COE doctoral programs.

The three doctoral candidacy examination options are:

OGS also maintains a calendar of all Candicacy Exams: Annual Calendar