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Doctoral Forms

Doctoral students will need to use multiple forms as they progress through their doctoral programs.  Each of the forms is identified and described below.  The COE Doctoral Policies Manual discusses the forms in more detail. All COE-OGS and UGS forms can be found in ZEB 310 or using the Quick Links below.

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Doctoral Program of Studies Forms

Inclusion Form



FIU Registrar Inclusion Form

This form is used by the Major Professor to include courses in the doctoral program that were taken as a special student. Used only when needed.

University Form (click here) or from Departmental Secretary.

POS Forms



Program of Studies Form

Used to develop and track the student’s Program of Studies.  Each program has its own POS form.

Sample form (click here). Specific program form provided by Major Professor

C&I Ed.D(click here).

C&I Ph.D(click here)

The Annual Student Evaluation and Mentoring Plan


This new document follows the form of the University’s annual employee evaluation, serves as a tool for student mentoring and facilitates the time to degree.  The Annual Student Evaluation and Mentoring Plan is due on April 15 of every year beginning with the first year the student is enrolled in a doctoral-degree granting program.

Form found at

Candidacy Examination Forms

Form A



COE Request to take the Doctoral Candidacy Examination

Certifies that the student has met the academic requirements to take the doctoral candidacy examination. To be submitted the semester that the student is taking his/her exam, approximately 6 weeks prior to the exam.

Form (click here) or OGS office (ZEB 310)

Form D-2



Program for Doctoral Degree and Application for Candidacy

Certifies that the student has met the academic requirements for doctoral candidacy. To be submitted after finishing coursework, as soon as candidacy examination’s results are available, and BEFORE registering for dissertation credits. Certifies that the student is ready to register for dissertation.

Form found at

Dissertation Committee Forms

Form D-1



Appointment of Dissertation Committee

Identifies the membership of the Student’s Dissertation Committee. To be submitted at the time of the Student’s candidacy examination

Form found at

Form D-1R



Appointment of Revised Dissertation Committee

Identifies changes in the membership of the students Dissertation Committee. To be submitted when there is a change in the Dissertation Committee Membership

Form found at

Dissertation Proposal Forms

Form B



COE Authorization for Proposal Defense

Certifies that the Major Professor has deemed the student’s dissertation proposal ready for OGS review. To be submitted by the student with the proposal to OGS.

COE form (click here) or at OGS office (ZEB 310)

Form D-3



Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

Certifies that the dissertation proposal is ready for UGS review. To be submitted with the five-page dissertation proposal and submitted no later than 3 semesters before anticipated graduation term.

Form found at

Dissertation Forms

Form D-5



Preliminary Approval of Dissertation and Request for Oral Defense

Indicates preliminary approval of proposal and permission by Major Professor, Committee and OGS to conduct the dissertation defense. MUST be submitted along with dissertation and defense announcement to the University Graduate School 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE DEFENSE DATE or by the deadline whichever date is earlier.

Form found at

Final Dissertation Submission Forms

ETD Approval Form



Approval of Defense, dissertation, and electronic submission of dissertation

Certifies the dissertation is deemed ready for University Graduate School (UGS) review.  To be filed with UGS along with supporting documentation and dissertation by due date.

Form found at

COE Doctoral Survey



This survey is completed as an OGS requirement upon submission of the dissertation and the ETD Approval form. It is a questionnaire about the students’ experiences in his/her doctoral programs. The COE will send the form electronically to Students.

Survey of Earned Doctorate (SED)



This survey is completed by Ph.D. students upon submission of the dissertation and ETD Approval Form as a UGS requirement. It is a questionnaire about the student’s experiences in his/her doctoral program.

Form found at

Graduation Application Form

Graduation Application



Students complete this form to apply for graduation. There are strictly enforced deadlines to apply for graduation. These dates are posted in the academic calendar of on the Web at

Form found on the Self-service page of Panthersoft when students log in at


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