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Project Panther LIFE

Eligibility Criteria

Students in the Project Panther LIFE program at Florida International University will be deemed eligible upon meeting the following criteria:

  1. Completion of necessary credits for graduation with a special diploma or a standard diploma via Access courses.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age (age limitation – 21).
  3. Benefit at least two (2) years from the program.
  4. Have a documented Intellectual Disability (ID).
  5. Initiated Vocational Rehabilitative (VR) process for university tuition, fees, and books.
  6. Have a desire to receive transition services in a university setting.
  7. Have exhibited a need and a desire for greater independence.
  8. Be able to communicate effectively and appropriately with others.
  9. Display a level of social maturity conducive to a university environment.
  10. Be able to maintain appropriate personal self-care and hygiene.
  11. Have own cell phone before entering the program, so program personnel can maintain contact.
  12. Will benefit from participation in a variety of job shadowing and community internship experiences.
  13. Have a desire to work competitively at the successful completion of the program.
  14. Are interested and capable of using public transportation to access the program (travel training to be provided by the program during the summer prior to the beginning of the academic year).
  15. Have satisfactory record of school attendance from previous schools.
  16. Must consent to being photographed, videotaped, interviewed, and/or quoted in media and publications.
  17. Understand that Project Panther LIFE would like for students to participate in research studies so that the effectiveness of this postsecondary transition program can be evaluated. 

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