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Summer Residential Program


The mission of Panther LIFE Summer Residential Program is to teach and foster the development of independent living skills in the community, further self-determination, and promote social skills.


The Panther LIFE Summer Residential Program is an opportunity for young adults with intellectual disabilities to experience life away from their family's home and to learn daily life skills to enhance the possibilities of independent living. This unique program is designed to be a bridge between living at the family home and the ideal end-goal of living independently with minimal supports (semi-supported living).

During the Summer Residential Program students will be participating in the following life skills activities:

  • Planning and Cooking Meals
  • Budgeting Money
  • Conducting Household Maintenance
  • Doing Laundry
  • Learning Transportation Skills
  • Working on Time Management
  • Learning about Nutrition and Fitness
  • Practicing Communication Skills
  • Engaging with the Community

Students will also be partaking in off-campus social activities with the program staff such as:

  • Going to the Movies
  • Shopping
  • Going to the Park
  • Visiting Museums

Student Quotes:

  • "The 3 weeks in the summer residential was spectacular and an amazing experience. For the first time I had an independent experience cooking with others." -Carolina Puig

  • "I had a lot of fun with the program. I have learned a little more about cooking and other stuff." - Michael Deschapell

  • "I had a great experience in the summer residential program. Thank you!" - Jonathan Viera

RA Quotes:

  • "All in all the program did improve the students' independence level by giving them a structured schedule to follow, people to talk to, and a new experience." -Nickolas Preciado, RA

  • "My students definitely gained some skills. They learned how to be self- determined and independent." - Kevin Maestre, RA

  • "The students were surprisingly independent. By the end of the program they were not afraid to make their own choices." - Anthony Gallardo, RA