The following are the disciplinary actions stated by Florida International University if instances of plagiarism are discovered:

Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from the University preventing readmission to the institution. This sanction shall be recorded on the student's transcript.

Suspension: Temporary separation of the student from the University for a specified period of time. This sanction shall be recorded on the student's transcript. (In the semester prior to graduation, the student may petition to have the record removed from the transcript).

Disciplinary Probation: Formal, written warning that the continued enrollment of the student depends on the maintenance of satisfactory citizenship during the period of probation. May also include a deferred sanction, which identifies the minimum sanction that would occur, if the student were found responsible for any future misconduct. A record of disciplinary probation and deferred sanction will be kept in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Failing or Reduction of Grade: Failing or grade reduction for the examination, project, or course assignment involved or for the course involved. May include prohibiting the use of the Forgiveness Policy for the course.

Restitution: Reimbursement for damages incurred.

Restriction: Temporary or permanent loss of privilege of the use of a University facility or service.

Service: A requirement to render a designated number of hours of specified service to the University or community.

Counseling: A requirement to seek professional counseling in order to remain at the University.

Education: A requirement to enroll in and successfully pass a specified course or program, which is determined as appropriate by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

Other: Other disciplinary penalties as are considered fair and appropriate.

Sanctions resulting from an informal resolution may not include Expulsion, Suspension, or Disciplinary Probation.

The minimum sanction imposed on a student found responsible during a formal hearing will be failure of the course and a prohibition on the application of the Forgiveness Policy for that course. Sanctions might also include any of the sanctions listed above.

It shall be the responsibility of the appropriate Vice Provost or designee to keep a record and implement sanctions resulting from both the informal and formal misconduct procedures.

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