The College of Education at FIU will not tolerate plagiarism.  Each instructor will discuss the forms of plagiarism in class.  Students are responsible for making sure they have a clear understanding of the definition of plagiarism.  All students will sign an Academic Misconduct Agreement stating that they have read and understood FIU's Statement on Academic Misconduct.

Please refer to the Academic Misconduct Code, Code of Academic Integrity found at: The Code is also found in the Florida International University, Student Handbook, pp. 39-44.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct is defined as the following intentional acts or omissions committed by any FIU student:

1.01 Cheating: The unauthorized use of books, notes, aids, electronic sources; or assistance from another person with respect to examinations, course assignments, field service reports, class recitations; or the unauthorized possession of examination papers or course materials, whether originally authorized or not. Any student helping another cheat may be found guilty of academic misconduct.

1.02 Plagiarism: The deliberate use and appropriation of another's work without any indication of the source and the representation of such work as the student's own. Any student who fails to give credit for ideas, expressions, or materials taken from another source, including internet sources, is guilty of plagiarism. Any student helping another to plagiarize may be found guilty of academic misconduct.

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