A summary is a shorter version of the original passage keeping the author's ideas in mind. Summarizing is a good technique when the original material to be used is too long to be quoted. When summarizing, the source must also be cited.

Example 1: Summarizing - Correct Version

Original Source Material
Student's Version

The idea that globalization necessarily decreases or homogenizes cultural diversity is not a foregone conclusion. Debates abound on the validity of cultural homogenization supposedly brought about by globalization. The way we conceptualize culture dictates the extent we believe globalization can affect it. If we believe that culture is bounded by pace, that culture is dependent on fixity of location for us to construct meaning, then globalization has the capacity to shift and mediate culture.

Globalization is being considered responsible for trying to eliminate cultural differences and create a unique world culture. Ideas about what culture is play an important role in defining how it is influenced by globalization (Hatcher, 2002).

Hatcher, T. (2002). Ethics and HRD. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing.
Hatcher, T. (2002). Ethics and HRD. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing.


  • Note that the author's ideas are expressed in different words in a shorter version (summarizing).
  • A citation is provided at the end to acknowledge the source (APA style).
  • A reference is also provided (APA style).

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