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SFERC Speakers

Past Keynote Speakers

2015 Joan Wynne, Ph.D., FIU College of Education
“Living with the Dark and the Dazzling: Children Leading us Back From the Edge”

2014 Brian Dassler, Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality, Florida Department of Education

2013 Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

2012 Tom Auxter, statewide president of United Faculty of Florida

Topic: “The Privatization of Higher Education”

2011 David Lawrence, Jr., Early Childhood Initiative Foundation and the Children’s Movement of Florida

Topic: “Making Engagement Personal”

2010 Belle S. Wheelan, President of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern
Association of Colleges

Topic: “The Role of Colleges of Education in their Communities: What should the Relationship be between Colleges of Education and the Surrounding Community? What does it Mean to be Engaged with the Community?”

2009 Lorenzo Bowman, University of Georgia

Topic: “Critical Race Theory: The Cure for Our Color Blindness in Education”

2008 Pedro Jose Greer Jr., MacArthur Fellow, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Medicine, FIU

Topic: “Reforming Medical Education and Maybe Saving the World (At Least the Community), Can We Do It?”

2007 Robert Moses, MacArthur Fellow, Eminent Scholar, FIU

2006 Stephen M. Fain, College of Education,FIU

2005 Modesto A. Maidique, President, FIU

2004 George E. Dambach, Vice President for Research, FIU

2003 Merrett Stierheim, Superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools (Opening Keynote)
        Frank Till, Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools (Closing Keynote)

2002 Lisa Delpit, MacArthur Fellow, Director of the Center for Urban Education and Innovation, FIU

Past Lunch Time Speakers

2015 “Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline”

Amalio Nieves, Diversity, Prevention & Intervention Department, Broward County Public Schools
Debra Pane, Eradicating the School-to-Prison Pipeline Foundation, Inc. (E-SToPP)
Major Gregory Salters, Ft. Lauderdale Police Department

2014 South Florida Education Research Alliance: “A Community-based Education Research Collaborative to Impact Student Success”

Steve J. Rios, Ed.D., Florida Atlantic University
Isadore Newman, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar at Florida International University
Russell Clement, Ph.D., Broward County Public Schools
Gerene K. Starratt, Ph.D., Barry University
Maria Rosa Ligas, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University

2013 Topic:What Can South Florida Colleges of Education do to Improve K-12 Education?”
Craig A. Mertler, PhD, Dean, Ross College of Education, Lynn University
Isaac Prilleltensky, PhD, Dean, School of Education and Human Development, University of Miami
Susan Neimand, PhD, Director, School of Education, Miami Dade College
Sara S. Malmstrom, PhD, Dean of the Graduate School, Keiser University
Mildred Berry, PhD, Dean, School of Education, Florida Memorial University
H. Wells Singleton, PhD, Dean, Fischler School of Education, Nova Southeastern University

Moderator: Delia C. Garcia, EdD, Dean, College of Education, FIU

2012 Topic: “Stories from the Education Effect: A University-Assisted Community School Partnership between FIU, Miami Northwestern Senior High School, and the Liberty City Community”

Participants: Maria Lovett, COE, FIU, and faculty, staff, and students from Miami Northwestern Senior High


2011 Topic” “Engagement of Communities and Schools: A Two Way Street”
            Mark B. Rosenberg, President, FIU
            Delia C. Garcia, Dean, College of Education, FIU
            Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


2010 Topic: “Community Engagement: The Role of Colleges of Education within the University in Terms of Community Engagement, and the Connections between Community Activities and Research”

Speaker: Mark B. Rosenberg, President, FIU


2009 Topic: “Think 360 – The Hows and Whys of Global Learning”

Dan Bentley-Baker, Instructor, English, FIU
Ophelia Weeks, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, FIU
Deanne Butchey, Assistant Dean, Assurance of Learning and Accreditation, College of Business Administration, FIU
Stephanie Doscher, Associate Director of the Office of Global Learning Initiatives, FIU
Moderator:Hilary Landorf, Director, Office of Global Learning Initiatives, FIU

2008 Topic: “Stories of Collaborative Work and Research with Schools and Universities”

         Chair: Janice Giles, Doctoral Student, College of Education, FIU
         Participants: Edison Senior High School students

2007 Topic: “ELS and Infusion”

Speaker: Eric Dwyer, Modern Language Education/Curriculum & Instruction, FIU

2006 Presentation by Allied Health Professions

Brady L. Tripp, College of Education, FIU
Patrick Jacobs, College of Education, Florida Atlantic University
Charmaine DeFrancesco, College of Education, FIU
Facilitator: Ann Nevin, College of Education, FIU

2005 Topic: “The Power of Film as a Research Technique” by Charles Bleiker, College of Education, FIU

2004 Topic: “Ethical Issues in Conducting Urban and International Research”
Joan Wynne, Associate Director for Center of Urban Education & Innovation, FIU
Barry Greenberg, Professor, FIU
Lynn Ilon, Director, Intercultural Institute, FIU
Greg Salters, Sergeant Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Robert Meyers, Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust

Moderator: Judy Slater

2003    Panelists:
Dawn Addy, Director of Center for Labor Studies, FIU
Carole Boyce-Davies, Director of Center for African New World Studies, FIU
Frank Hammons, Director of Institute for Workforce Competitiveness, FIU
Max Rothman, Director of the Center for Aging, FIU
Joan Wynne, Associate Director for Center of Urban Education, FIU
Facilitator: Mohamed Farouk, Associate Dean, COE, FIU

2002   Panelists:
Mark Rosenberg, Provost, FIU
Doug Wartzok, Dean, Graduate School, FIU
Mark Shermis, Associate Dean, Research Grants, COE, FIU