FIU - Education , Florida International University

Office of Technology

Lab Policies

  • Students must present a valid Panther ID to use the computer labs.

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the lab areas. This is to ensure a sanitary working environment and to reduce workstation downtimes when accidentally spilled drinks render a station useless.

  • It is recommended that students using either labs NOT save data on workstations.

  • Students should be advised to always bring at least two diskettes to the labs. The second diskette should be used as a backup of the first diskette or you can email the data as an attachment.

  • Students are advised to also save their work frequently to avoid the risk of lost data. COE Labs are academic environments. Whether or not a class is in session, people are working. Please respect others working in the labs by speaking quietly and keeping alerts from pagers and cellular phones as quiet as possible.

  • Headphones are required when listening to music or any audible software while working in the COE Labs.

  • Student use of the computer labs on campus must adhere to all policies governing computer usage at FIU.