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Office of Technology

Reserving Equipment

1. The COE equipment will only be loaned to faculty members and students who have a current valid FIU ID card. A copy of your ID will be made and attached to your agreement form. If you are a student, you must present a printed copy of your class schedule no older than 48 hours.

2. Borrowers are responsible for full replacement cost of all laptop computers and peripherals checked out if lost, damaged, or stolen during the checkout period. Full cost of repairs charged to us if repair is necessary due to damage, including damage caused by spillage from food or beverage.

3. The maximum period of time for which the laptop can be checked out is 1 week. Never leave the laptop computer unattended while it is checked out to you. It is highly recommended that all personal files be saved.

4. Do not touch the screen with any objects. Use a soft cloth to clean the screen if necessary. Avoid paper products (napkins, tissues and paper towels) as they with scratch the screen.

5. Do not leave any equipment inside your car or under direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures (hot and cold) will destroy the equipment.

6. Do not leave any equipment unattended while on campus or traveling. If any equipment is stolen on campus, immediately report the theft to the College and the University Police at 305-348-2626.

7. Any damage or loss must be immediately reported to the Office of Technology at 305-348-6305. Equipment not returned within 48 hours of the agreed upon return date will be considered stolen. FIU police will be contacted and a hold will be placed on your FIU account.