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About the Staff

Dr. Tonette S. Rocco

Dr. Rocco’s Philosophy of Writing:
I believe students learn through engaging the material in as many ways as possible through a variety of senses. The work of writing engages most of the senses: touching resources and keyboards, seeing and interpreting text, and hearing drafts read aloud. Students want class projects to be useful beyond school and to see the project as valuable to their lives and to their goals. As educators, I believe we have an opportunity to teach students to engage the scholarly community through publication and that our students at Florida International University represent the voices missing from the literature. Introducing the notions that a class paper might be worthy of publication, that good writing skills are the same no matter the purpose of the writing, and that publications might enhance employability stimulate the desire to improve writing. Writing for publication is not possible without developing the student’s technical writing abilities, critical reading, and critical reflection skills simultaneously. While developing these skills an instructor or mentor must assist the student with crafting the elements of a scholarly paper.


Dr. Tonette S. Rocco is associate professor and program leader of adult education and human resource development at Florida International University. She is a Houle Scholar, a 2008 Kauffman Entrepreneurship Professor, and a former board member American Society for Training and Development, Certification Institute Board of Directors. She has been invited to speak at the International Society for Performance Improvement Research to Practice Symposium. She has published over 175 books, articles, chapters, and papers in proceedings. Her books, articles and papers have won awards such as the Elwood F. Holton, III Research Excellence Award 2008 for Towards the Employability-Link Model: Current employment transition to future employment perspectives with Jo Thijssen and Beatrice Van der Heijden, Human Resource Development Review. She serves on the editorial boards of seven international journals and is an editor, assistant editor, and qualitative methods editor for three different journals. Editorial board memberships include the Journal of Mixed Methods Research (founding board member), Human Resource Development International, Adult Education Quarterly, Human Resource Development Quarterly, New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, International Journal of Mixed Methods in Applied Business and Policy Research, Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, Journal of European Industrial Training, and PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning. Books published by Jossey-Bass: Challenging the Professionalization of Adult Education: John Ohliger and Contradictions in Modern Practice (with Andre Grace, May 2009); and Demystifying the Writing and Publishing Process: A Guide for Emerging Scholars (with Tim Hatcher, 2011). Older Workers, New Directions: Employment and Development in an Ageing Labor Market (an e-book with Jo Thijssen, 2006). Her research interests include continuing professional education; equity and privilege, specifically in terms of race/critical race theory, sexual minorities/LGBT, age, disability, and teaching for social justice; and employability/career development, entrepreneurship, and fostering student research and professional writing.