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School of Education and Human Development

We strive to create world-class leaders in education who inspire future generations of students through meaningful, lasting opportunities. We’re building better learning practices that help children thrive and succeed, while advancing knowledge through learning and inquiry.

Leader in STEM Education

The STEM Transformation Institute is a multidisciplinary collaboration across the Colleges of Arts, Sciences & Education, and Engineering & Computing for the research and development of effective educational practices that lead to substantial increases in the number of well-prepared STEM professionals, including teachers, graduating FIU.


Early Childhood Education: Study in Italy

This study abroad trip to Trento, Italy, introduces students to early childhood curriculum and instruction practices from an Italian perspective based on three learning contexts: small groups contexts, group discussions and collective reasoning.


Year in Review

As of 2016, SEHD prepared approximately 35% of Miami-Dade Country Public School teachers through their 9 certificate programs and 29 degree programs. Their success stories are an inspiration to future educators and leaders with 18 FIU alumni winning Miami-Dade's Teacher of the Year since FIU was founded.