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Senior Associate Dean's Welcome

The School of Education and Human Development inspires our students to become the best educators, administrators and professionals they can be — from award-winning rookie teachers of the year to seasoned school leaders, our graduate are well-prepared to make education a lifelong career that impacts the lives of many.

The need for quality educators is real. At a time when the demand for teachers continued to grow, 2016 was set to become the year with the fewest number of teachers available nationally. It's not the easiest of professions, as Randi Weingarten, president of the National Federation of Teachers reminded us during a visit to FIU. But it's a rewarding field where the impact educators have on their students is felt from preschool to adulthood.

Our graduates are more than noble public servants. They are skilled professionals and leaders. Teachers are crucial for our society, assisting all of us in advancing knowledge through learning and inquiry.

Of course, our school features more than teacher preparation programs. Our school of psychology and counseling professors are making fascinating discoveries based on their research in the community.

And our recreational therapy program is making strides by showing that professionals with disabilities can be more than productive, they can make a real difference in the lives of others.

At a time when so much is uncertain regarding education, we can look back proudly on 2016 knowing that our students, our graduates and our faculty are true professionals who are prepared to face the challenges that come next.

They should know too, that they are not in this alone. As someone who lives, breathes and is a product of public education I am hopeful that everyone will have access to a good education as long as all of us — educators, school administrators, parents, students, local leaders and our communities — are the advocates, champions and protectors of education in this country.

Laura Dinehart

Senior Associate Dean, School of Education and Human Development