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Student Teaching

Before starting student teaching placement, students are required to take and pass the Professional Education (PEd), and appropriate Subject Area Exam (SAE). Students must provide evidence of passing scores on all required exams by the end of the semester immediately preceding the internship.

All students must meet School of Education and Human Development Initial Teacher Education Program (ITEP) admission requirements by March 1st for Fall or July 1st for Spring placements. This includes passing all four (4) parts of the GKT.

Important Dates


For Fall Semester:  Jan. 15th through Feb. 1st
For Spring Semester: May 15th through June 1st


Submit Paperwork

For Fall Semester  Feb. 15th through March 1st
For Spring Semester : June 15th through July 1st  

Application Process and Deadlines

  • Step 1: Initial Registration
    Visit ZEB 130 to begin the application process
    • Bring your valid security clearance card (Miami-Dade County) or badge (Broward County).
    • Bring a list of schools you’ve attended for field placements (zone log).
    • Complete a handwritten application.
    • Sign up for a mandatory SEHD writing seminar.
  • Step 2: Plagiarism Tutorial
    Complete the online Plagiarism Tutorial before attending the writing seminar.
    • Go to the tutorial here
    • Follow the directions
    • Complete the quiz
    • Score at least 80%
    • Print a copy of test results (score report)
    • Write your name, Panther ID, and date on the score report
    • Bring the score report to the writing seminar on the scheduled date
  • Step 3: Professional Writing Sample

    Teacher Education Professional Writing Sample (Philosophy Statement)

    Essay may be reviewed for plagiarism by the Turnitin program through TASKSTREAM.
    Using information received at the SEHD writing seminar, write a professional essay. 

    Note the following requirements:   

    • Five (5) paragraphs, with an obvious introduction, body (3 paragraphs), and conclusion
    • Clearly state one personal educational belief and 3 ways you will implement that belief during your internship. This should be based on the SEHD Conceptual Framework.
    • Maximum length: one full page (one side)
    • Type in “Arial” or comparable font; single or double spaced
    • Font must be 11 or 12 point; black ink on plain white paper
    • Accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    • Standard professional (Formal) English
    • Do not include quotes, references, or bibliography
    • Submit to your Faculty Advisor for review at scheduled meeting
    • Upload to TaskStream (for Turnitin Review). You will be provided with a self-enrollment code and be notified if there is a problem. 
  • Step 4: Appointment with Faculty Advisor
    Schedule an Appointment with your Faculty Advisor
    • Contact your departmental faculty advisor to schedule an appointment to review your student teaching application.
    • Bring the following items to your appointment:
      • ST application (one page)
      • Teacher Education Professional Writing Sample
    • Ask your advisor to review and approve your application and writing sample.
    • Ask him/her to sign the application. 
  • Step 5: Submission Process
    Original ST Application Packet (Assemble in this order):
    • Original ST application
    • Original (purple) writing seminar “Certificate of Completion”
    • Writing Sample (one page)
    Make three (3) Additional Packets:  Copies must be clear & clean! DO NOT SCAN
    • Copy of ST application
    • Copy of Writing Sample

    Submit to ZEB 130 by March 1st for Fall Semester and July 1st for Spring Semester.

    • Original ST application packet signed by your Faculty Advisor
    • One (1) additional packet
    • One (1) photo (2" by 2") for your ST file
    Keep one (1) packet for your records. 

    Give one (1) packet to your faculty advisor for department records.

Student Teaching Checklist

1. Have valid security clearance from the appropriate district

  • Clearance card for Miami-Dade County Schools
  • Badge for Broward County Schools

2. Meet Initial Teacher Education Program admission requirements

  • Official score report for ALL 4 parts of the GKT must be received by FIU prior to submitting ST application
  • Complete paperwork with Academic Advisor in ZEB 220

3. Complete ST application in ZEB 130

4. Pass SEHD online Plagiarism tutorial with 80% or higher

5. Attend mandatory SEHD Writing Seminar

6. Get application packet approved by your Faculty Advisor

7. Submit faculty-approved paperwork to ZEB 130 

  • By March 1st for FALL SEMESTER
  • By July 1st for SPRING SEMESTER

8. Complete ALL lower division courses before ST

9. Complete ALL program courses before ST

  • Grade of “C” or higher
  • “IN” grades are not acceptable

10. Meet Student Teaching FTCE Requirement

  • Official score report for ALL 4 parts of the GKT is required for SEHD Initial Teacher Education Program admission.
  • Official score report for the Subject Area Exam (SAE) & the Professional Education Exam (PEd) MUST be submitted before beginning Student Teaching.
    • August 15 for FALL Semester
    • December 15 for Spring Semester